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Code Masters crafting creative & powerful code solutions.

Code Queen, LLC will analyze your goals to determine the most efficient way to develop your project, condense your code and minimize the need for recurring maintenance to existing or new Wix websites.

Velo Certified by Wix

Our team develops with API integrations and is able to create custom Wix apps to facilitate the implementation of advanced functions.  Code Queen is one of a handful of persons that has completed the Velo Certification assessment given by Wix. We strive to create the easiest recipes to achieve your website project goals.  Schedule a consultation session receive expert advice from the Code Queen.

We build it.

We can provide assistance to big projects or small.  When you don't have the time or don't know what to do next, we make a great addition to your team.

We build hybrid solutions that customize existing Wix apps for rapid completion.
We build private, public and Admin content management solutions for multi-level memberships.
We provide code quality and page logic ehancement to improve website efficiency.

We teach you.

We are hired by other Wix Experts to teach them how to use Velo before and after project development begins.  Our students are from many countries around the world.  Development firms that are experienced in other platforms hire us to teach them how to jumpstart their Velo journey on the Wix platform.  Code Queen is known for her ability to decipher what a person is trying to explain and provide insightful solutions in a language that they can understand.  Read what our students are saying below:

"What an amazing person! Nayeli guided and helped me with some tips on business management.  So on point!  She was completely clear about everything and professional about it.  Real good guidance and honest advice in a sincere way.  I'm really thankful for her time and her knowledge. Totally recommended!"


"Nayeli is an incredible problem solver.  I'm constantly impressed with the solutions provided for even the most challenging Wix issues.  She is very experienced in the code and created integrations for my team that were effective, saving several hours each week. Highly recommended!"

Business Owner

"Nayeli is fantastic!  In a private tutorial, she was able to guide me through steps to set up an online store and create invoices and quotes.  She also guided me through the code necessary to hide and show a button using If / Else logic.  Thanks Code Queen! You're the best!"


"This review page feels like an echo chamber, but there's good reason for that. I'm a single-person marketing team for a mortgage firm and was very stuck on an important functionality build in Wix. After exhausting all other resources, I set up a 1-on-1 call with Code Queen. In less than an hour, she not only helped me fix my issue but explained to me how the systems function. This is the sign of a great teacher. This is not a money grab for her. She doesn't withhold information or waste time in hopes of further calls. She genuinely wants you to know how to do this yourself so that you can be successful. If your site is in Wix and you have $150 to spare, the subsequent hour will be a game-changer for you."


"I had been stuck on a Wix Code project for months, and with Nayeli it took just one session to get that problem solved.Her one-on-one private tutoring session provide immense value! I believe in her knowledge, and she really knows what she’s talking about.She knew nothing about what I needed help with, only that I needed help with Wix Code. And at the start of our session I told her what it was that I was trying to do, and she knew exactly how to explain things in a way they made sense to me.She holds your hand and walks you step by step! This was amazing and looking forward to even more sessions! You rock! Thank you!"


"The Code Queen is amazing! I watched a few of her video tutorials from YouTube to get accustomed with Wix and as I continued my usage, found areas that were beyond my capability that I wanted to implement on my website. I spent weeks trying to figure these out and finally set up a call with Code Queen. She was able to help me with several of these right away. I have since scheduled several calls with her and each time I learn something new. She is efficient and professional and would hands down recommend her and will continue to use her services personally."

Business Owner
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Wix Experts & Development Firms choose us


The Velo by Wix platform is continuously changing and enhancing its functions and abilities.  Code Queen LLC is always testing the newest and latest Velo capabilities by creating things that have never been created on Wix before.  By pushing the limits of Wix and Velo combined, Code Queen LLC is rapidly aware of what can and cannot be created on Wix as new Wix API's and Wix codes are being released to the public.  We have the knowledge of what was and what is Wix ever since 2010.  We continue to expand that knowledge as we learn and study all the newest Velo releases.  We are actively creating original and trailblazing code solutions that serve as direct or workarounds to accomplish our clients goals and needs.


Code Queen LLC is very passionate about breaking boundaries of what is and is not possible on Wix.  Our unique and talented Wix Designers and Velo Developers have an attitude of resourcefulness that inspires out-of-the-box thinking to generate new ideas and allow them to posses the ability to visualize all the possible ways to achieve what you desire.  In as little as 15 minutes, and Code Queen LLC can give you small and big ideas for immediate possible solutions for your project.   What can take others hours, days or weeks to figure out, can take Code Queen a matter of minutes.  Creating solutions on the Wix platform since 2010, and being a part of impactful round tables with Wix product managers has helped Code Queen LLC to stay up date with the latest Wix capabilities.